Who We Are

We believe that every child, everywhere, has the right to a happy and healthy life.

This means we work hard to find solutions that are sustainable. We offer regular, consistent support to those in need so that the children in our care can develop over time, giving them the chance to create a brighter future.

Our orphanage is located in the small village of Badepuram in Andra Pradesh. We take care for 34 orphans and children from poor families. We support those who cannot provide for themselves, delivering sustainable, long-term solutions to those in need. We offer regular food parcels, cover fees for education and healthcare.

We run two offices. The Registered office of the society is in Badepuram. The Administrative office is in Vijaywada. More info

Our mission


  1. To rehabilitate poor children specially orphaned, deserted and destitute, particularly providing relief in the form of food, shelter, clothing and medical aid irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  2. To establish, maintain and start homes. Orphanages and other necessary establishments for the relief of all the deserving poorest of the poor children.
  3. To establish and maintain educational institutions to provide good education.
  4. To work for the betterment of the families of the poor.
  5. To train up children under a code of healthy discipline, to teach them how to lead a simple life infusing courage, self dignity.
  6. To assist poor and and deserving students by way of scholarships for in time diet, graduates and post graduate students for completion of their education.
  7. To make effort to help the victims when natural calamities were happened by providing them basic needs like food, clothes and shelter.
  8. To construct and maintenance of old age homes for poor and widows.
  9. To set up hospitals health service centres for all especially women and children and provide medical relief to the poor.
  10. To raise and acquire funds from local and foreign countries and use of any gifts donation for the administration of the society and various projects.
  11. To start establish and run boarding homes, orphanages and homes or handicapped children home for aged and youth centres for the needy children and people.
  12. To make effort for the development of women through self help groups in villages.