What we do

Except Orphans there are many children from very poor families, without father or mother. Often they’re sent out to work at an early age to support their families and themselves. What chance do these children have to break the cycle of poverty and reach their full potential if they’re not given the opportunity to expand their knowledge?

In Orphanage we feel that education is a right, not a privilege. We want the orphan children we support to become who they want to be. We provide them with the necessary resources to learn. Backpacks, uniforms, books, notebooks and more.

We work hard to provide a loving home and family for every child in its care working hard to promote family relationships and impart a spirit of responsibility in every member of the organization. Our Orphanage take care of 34 children. 13 boys aged 8-14 and 23 girls aged 7-15. Children sleep in two large rooms. We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere based on mutual understanding, tolerance, kindness and suport. We also teach them a healthy discipline, to teach them how to lead a simple life infusing courage, self dignity.

Some of them at home had to work eating only one meal a day. In our Orphanage we help children develop physically, mentally, emotionally by providing food 3 times in the day addition snacks.

After school, it is also time to learn in which children do their homework and learn the exams. Over all these are supervised by teachers and caretakers dealing with children and provide a balanced level of education by focusing on individual cases.

After all, it’s time to have fun, and develop a hobby, some children like to draw, others teach and develop their dance, another play cricket or volleyball. They like to play and have fun in various games and spend very creative time. For the holidays and events children learn a common dance led by a dancer.

 Sunday is a time of fun and meeting with family. Children who have any family can spend the afternoon with them. The rest of the children get together and cheerfully spend their time together.