Volunteers from Poland

To our Orphanage came three volunteers from Poland, Honorat, Stefan and Angelika from the Salvatti Foundation to help the children and the Orphanage. They arrived June 27th for a period of 3 months, until September. They try to provide care and entertainment for children, they help them study, teach their English poetry and math. They also conduct their own English classes.


Welcome to the Vutukuru


In their free time together with children they play volleyball, in Kallangal – a famous Indian rock game, dance, do water balloon battles, draw, play educational English films, etc. When children are at school Honorata and Angelika take care of the garden with the vegetables they have created and also help in the kitchen, but Stefan helps fix things and creates a website for the orphanage.



Despite their busy schedules and communication difficulties, they managed to get to know a bit of local culture, visited some of the most attractive sites and ancient Indian architectural monuments, and even appeared in the local daily newspaper.


With Father Kishore also visited several families in their homes in the countryside to see their everyday life and the difference in their lives in Europe. They participated in masses in many villages and parishes. They also managed to bless the young marriage. They helped prepare the resort for Independence Day and participated in the holidays with the kids at a nearby school.


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Daily works


Teaching children



Warangal Fort and Temple in Warangal


A trip to the Museum and Waterfall in Sagar


And other:

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